“Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten?”

Sigmund Freud

The artist’s personal challenge is to create a multidimensional, surreal imaginary space. This space is subconscious, woven from fragments of the past, experienced emotions, inner reasoning and dreams.
Modern humans are forced to process a gigantic stream of information hitting them from all side. Images, colors, text, symbols, signs: this is what our brains have to process every single day.
The artist EGO.ART.ZET tried to imprint in the canvas the chaos of human thoughts and feelings.
EGO.ART.ZET masterfully works with fragments from magazines. Each of them has its own unique history and atmosphere. They look like frozen memories or dreams…
Confining many beautiful fragments in a limited space, you get an effect of a kaleidoscope, fireworks. The digest of beauty. You can look at this forever, studying each individual fragment possessing a unique origin, as well as looking at the combination of many details in a whole.

Exploring the painting, each beholder discovers his/her own subconscious world, deciphering the symbols in his/her own language.