Collection 2020 – 2021 “ALTERED STATE”



61x61cm/mixed media on wood



61x61cm /mixed media on wood



61x61cm /mixed media on wood



61x61cm/ mixed media on wood

EGO (sold)


61x61cm /mixed media on wood



61x61cm /mixed media on wood


In this collection the artist describes a complex multidimensional worldof emotional reactions, which are interacting similar to chemicalreactions between different substances such as externally administratedpsychostimulants or chemicals produced internally as a result of strongpsychological and physical chocks. One can observe and experience theexperience transmitted through the painting. Vitality, the lightness ofthoughts, sense of purpose after a cup of aromatic morning coffee.Thrill and admiration as if as looking at a unique masterpiece,trembling, charming attraction, euphoria or excitement after the firstkiss. As well as many other emotional states engraved in the collectionALERTED STATE 2020.What do you see in this painting?

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